Is it just me?

Or does it seem like Republicans ask for your vote based on the fact that they don't "kill babies" or let gays get married, when it seems to me that they are just money hungry lobbyist who want power.

p.s. I am not voting, nor do I claim to belong to a party. Hell, I am not even that educated in politics. It just gets my blood boiling when Republicans use religion to get their way, and, from my point of view, just fill their pockets.

I am sorry, this is supposed to be a photography blog, but I don't expect anyone to read this anyway.


First Batch of Photos

Here are some I took with my buddy Barron yesterday, I feel pretty good about them.

Hello All

So I decided to start a blog concerning my photography.
I will be posting photos on here from time to time. 
Feel free to tell me what you think about anything I post, good or bad, I would really like insight from fellow photographers. 
Also, if you are someone starting off in photography, feel free to ask me something, I don't know much, but I would be glad to try and help.